Callan Method

Callan Method School Language Courses

  • Focus on speaking, pronunciation and listening
  • 12 levels, from beginners to advanced
  • Learn English in a quarter of the time!

General English Method

The Callan Method was designed to improve your general comprehension and spoken English. The method focuses on speaking, listening and pronunciation.

You may have studied grammar at school for many years, but still find it difficult to understand and speak English, or you might be a beginner. Whatever your level of English, the fun, fast Callan Method will really help you!

Your best Callan Method School In London

Classes are designed for full English immersion with quick questions and answers to improve your understanding not allowing you time to think and translate into your native language. After a short time, you will start to think and speak directly in English!

Systematic, constant correction of errors will significantly improve your pronunciation and confidence when speaking.

New vocabulary and grammar are taught and practised every day for you to quickly build your knowledge of words and phrases that will help to speak more fluently.

More advanced grammar and vocabulary is taught as you progress through the stages, as well as important expressions and phrasal verbs.

There is a lot of review, so don’t worry if you do not understand or remember everything the first time. Practice makes perfect!

You will also take part in reading and writing in class so that you can practice the four skills of English language learning.