Face to face IELTS Lessons

The online IELTS programme is designed to enable students to progress from an introduction to the IELTS test and format up to achieving their target band score.

The programme is organised over a 16 weeks (4 months) period with 5×50 minute lessons weekly, including a communicative workshop at the end of the week to consolidate the week’s learning.

The recommended study time to achieve an increase of 1 band in IELTS is a minimum of 200 study hours. For this reason, the course consists of over 66 clock hours (80 sessions) of tutor-lead contact. In addition, students will commit to 140-160 clock hours of self study and autonomous learning.

Foundation - IELTS 4.5

The Foundation study programme is aimed at students who are thinking about taking IELTS, but who are currently around an A2 level. This level starts students on their IELTS journey with activities to help develop their English skills and understand how the IELTS test works. There is coverage of the type of tasks that students at this level can cope with on the IELTS test and more general activities that will give students the foundation for understanding how assessment items work when they progress to a full IELTS course.

Students who:

1 – High school students.
2 – Have basic language skills.
3 – Have the plan to go to the UK to study.
4 – Above 16 years old.

Level 1 IELTS 5.5

Designed for students aiming for Band 5.5 in the Academic Module, Level 1 includes learning strategies, skills practice and exam practice to help students achieve their goals. There are 8 topic-based units which further develop students’ understanding of the exam while adding more language and vocabulary.

Students who:

1 – Completed the foundation course.
2 – Will join Pre-university courses in the UK.
3 – Lower grade students in the university.

Level 2 IELTS 6.5

Level 2 also contains 8 units of topics and is aimed at those students studying to achieve a band 6.5 in the IELTS Academic Module and it is the main focus of the programme. It builds on the skills and strategies learned in level 1 by looking deeper into specific exam competencies and techniques for developing academic writing and speaking abilities.

It teaches students in a linear way and helps them to improve both their general English level and further develops elements of assessment that are helpful for both the IELTS test and English language assessment in general. Topics have been chosen to suit the needs and abilities of students at this level. They help build confidence initially whilst stretching them in the later stages so that they start to get an idea of what they will meet at later levels and of course on the IELTS test itself.

Students who:

1 – Took an IELTS before, and has an IELTS test result of 5.5
2 – Planning to take IELTS exam after 5-6 months
3 – Passed CET-4 (College English Test Band), scored from 425-550
4 – National College Entrance Examination scored higher than 110 (150)
5 – Vocabulary range (3500-4000)

Level 3 IELTS 7.5

Level 3 is for learners targeting a band score 7.5. This level dives deeper into sophisticated grammar and lexis via 8 units of topics. By the end of this level, a student would be well prepared and practiced to tackle IELTS and achieve their desired band score.

Students who:

1 – Took an IELTS before, and has an IELTS test result of 6.-7.0
2 – Has a lower score one section
3 – Has the need of mastering English in an advanced setting

01 week (5 lessons) £134
04 weeks (20 lessons) 5% DISCOUNT £510 – £536
16 weeks (80 lessons) 10% DISCOUNT £1930 – £2144