English words of Polish origin

English words of Polish

Unlike Spanish or Portuguese, the Polish language hasn’t given English a lot of words. Of the few words English has borrowed from Polish, most have remained unchanged and they usually refer to Polish products (mostly food), so they are not too surprising but we can still find some interesting words to talk about.   English […]

English words of Spanish origin (including yummy food and cowboys)

Spanish has given English a large number of words. Most made their way into the language through US and Mexican contact, and the old Spanish colonies in the US. Something special that has happened with most Spanish words used in English is that they haven’t change in spelling or meaning, only pronunciation as English has […]

All about English phrasal verbs

There’s a lot written about phrasal verbs, and that’s because there are a lot of phrasal verbs! Phrasal verbs are one of the hardest aspects of English to learn. The grammar is quite simple, but there are so many of them that most students get overwhelmed. In reality, they are just another part of English vocabulary. […]

English words of Portuguese origin (from scary fish to Indian curries)

Portuguese has given English many words. Most people can tell that things like caipirinha and capoeira come from Portuguese. But there are many other words that English speakers use commonly that they have no idea come from Portuguese. Let’s take a look at some.   European words Some words such as albatross (from albatroz) and albino […]