How to Improve Your English-Speaking Skills

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Confidence comes to some people naturally, while others take time to develop it over time.  Certain quick fixes can be taken. There are six ways to help you feel more confident when speaking in English at a fast pace.
  1. Breathe
This is easy to forget if filled with anxiety, so make sure that your body is getting enough oxygen so you can speak a language confidently. Make sure to take a deep breath to help yourself relax, think, and feel more confident. Slow the Pace Some of the best public speakers speak at a slow pace. It makes you sound trustworthy and confident and impacts the way you feel, as well. This, in turn, makes you more confident and allows you to think about what you want to say next. So, slow your speaking down and gain many benefits. Some of the best public speakers speak slowly. Smile The simple act of smiling can do wonders for your mood, making you calmer, happier, and in better spirits than usual, even if there is no direct change in the situation. Use this to uplift yourself. Practice Making Mistakes Mistakes are a part of life, and it’s easy to become embarrassed or anxious when you make a mistake when studying a language – or fear making one. However, there is a way to get over this fear. To get over such a fear, put yourself in a situation where you’re in the wrong. An example is going to a grocery store and asking for food. Yes, it’s difficult to do, but seeing people respond politely to your question inspires confidence. People can be kind and accepting rather than creating a negative environment and making you feel uncomfortable. You can also practice by taking an English language course. Visualize Success Before you speak, imagine speaking fluently and clearly. Positive visualization does wonders for a person’s confidence and lets you know your goals and where you’re headed, Congratulate Yourself Always celebrate your strengths and make a list of them in English, keeping them up-to-date. When you view that list, you’ll feel more confident by just looking at them. Are you feeling inspired? Are you feeling confident? If you’re looking for an English language course in London, contact Way Language Course now!