Top Reasons You Should Learn English

The Significance of the English Language
The Significance of the English Language
September 16, 2020
How to Improve Your English-Speaking Skills
February 10, 2021

Top Reasons You Should Learn English


Top Reasons You Should Learn English

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With over a billion people across the globe who either speak English or are in the process of learning the language, English has established itself as the global language. Considered to be one of the toughest languages to learn, English is also one of the most rewarding. In the modern age, more and more people are dedicating time to studying English as an additional language. A majority of countries include English in their school syllabus, allowing children from different parts of the world to learn English at a young age. English is critical for academic, professional and personal development of your child and, is known to change lives for the better.

Given that not all of us are fluent in English, enrolling yourself into an English language course in London can do wonders to your listening, comprehension, pronunciation ability. Critical for enhancing your English language fluency, such a course will primarily focus on improving your spoken English. A well-known language course school, Way Language Course offers you the option to learn English within the comfort of your home. Bringing convenience, flexibility and language proficiency together in a unique combination, Way Language Course’s qualified native English teachers work to guide you through a well-structured course.

That said, learning a new language is not an easy process, as it takes perseverance, motivation and time. So, for those of you who are evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of spending your hard-earned money on an English language course – here are the top reasons to learn English.

  • ExtensivelySpoken In Different Parts of The World

One in five people in the world can speak, or can least understand English. A very useful language for both travel and communication, this is perhaps the biggest factor you should consider. Moreover, by learning English, you allow yourself access to information that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to understand. With 50% of the internet’s content published in English, you can miss out on a big chunk of information if you don’t speak the language.

  • Access To Professional Opportunities

Being bilingual is something that more and more corporate ventures all over the world expect from the talent they recruit. Besides the UK, English is commonly used in professional domains in different parts of the worlds, be it India, Australia or even the Middle East. In order to be able to function efficiently in the field of international business, engage in conferences and write out emails, you need to have the ability to express your viewpoints in English. Also, while interviewing for a position, an employer is most likely to gauge your abilities by assessing how well you put forth your ideas.

English is generally used in medicine, computer science and technology. Hence, if you are interested in any of these fields, then learning English can be a career-changing move for you. The ability to speak English will make it easy to participate in international conferences, communicate with scientists from different countries and read up about new inventions or discoveries by reading papers or newspaper.


  • Socialise With People

By learning English, you’ll be able to connect and communicate with like-minded people spread across the globe. Using the power of social media platforms, you can voice your thoughts fluently and can possibly forge life-long links, if you speak a common language.