Is Callan Method Overhyped? We Don’t Think So

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Is Callan Method Overhyped? We Don’t Think So
The Callan Method is a fun, unique, and fast way to learn a language. It’s very effective and is known by teachers and students all over the world. Students listen and speak more than they usually would within a traditional classroom setting.  There are certain pedagogical benefits of the Callan Method for learning English, proving that it’s not overhyped. These are:
  • A Coherent Curriculum
The Callan Method makes sure that the curriculum is coherent both vertically and horizontally. Since the method is scripted in nature, learners on a similar level can study the same material simultaneously regardless of their teacher. Its stages flow without hiccups and systematically from one to the other, ensuring vertical coherence. For example, the content at the start of stage 6 follows from the material presented in stage 5. The material in stage 6 includes new content as well as keeping the student in practice with stage 5 material. It acts as if there is no division of material between stages, and flows seamlessly.
  • Avoids Overloading the Learner
The students of Callan Method know that they won’t be burdened during lessons. For example, when they learn a new word, the teacher asks questions to practice it; however, the new word is always surrounded only by language the students already recall from earlier in their studies. This allows the learner to focus on the new language without being overwhelmed. As a result, students are not under stress and can absorb new information and learn more effectively.
  • Systematic Dealing With Phrases, Word Groupings, and Collocation
A lot of languages exist within clusters or groups of words, and students benefit from learning such words. Using the Callan Method for learning English, students learn idioms and common phrases; it also lays importance on word grouping in various ways.  
  • The Callan Method ensures that students are exposed to word groupings and common collocations.
  • Every part of a sentence is delivered as a grouping of words when classes do dictation.
  • Students and teachers speak in turn, with teachers aiming to support the student when required. The aim is to speak fluently, and instructors make sure that pauses in their delivery occur at natural boundaries between phrases or word groups.
  • The workbooks for the Callan Method (B1 and B2) respectively give great importance to collocation and phrasing.