The best things to do in London during the Autumn

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Tower Bridge in AutumnAutumn is probably the best season in London. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and it’s (usually) not too rainy. School hasstarted so you will find less children and students around and most tourists are gone. These are some of the best things you can do in London during the Autumn season.   Enjoy nature Autumn is the perfect time to visit one of the many parks London has. The leaves falling just add to their charm. Weekends are probably the best time to visit if you like entertainers and park cafes, but for a quieter visit go during the week.
  • Greenwich Park: one of the most popular parks in London. Home to the London Observatory. The whole area deserves a visit, and you can get there by taking a ferry from Central London for extra especial views.
  • Kew Gardens: full of trees that turn into beautiful yellows, oranges and reds. Close to Central London and big enough to make you think you’re in the middle of the woods. You need to buy a ticket, but you can get it cheaper online.
  • Richmond Park: as large as Kew Gardens but more local wildlife, including over 600 deer. And free.
  • The Capital Ring: this is one of the promoted TFL walks. It’s connect most major green spaces in London with a 78-mile walk divided into 15 sections. Getting to and from all sections is easy using public transport and you’re never far from a coffee shop or pub if you want to take a break. All sections are accessible and easy for children to do, and it’s a great way to discover some of the less popular London parks.
  Visit a market During Autumn the markets get full with all the harvest produce. Head over to buy corn, apples and winter squash. The best ones near our school are:
  • Borough Market: slightly overpriced, but still a place to visit at least once. The stalls sell mostly British produce, but there are a few specialised international ones. The food stalls are probably the best part.
  • Brixton Market: loud and colourful, and the place to get products from all over the world from American tomatillos to African yam and Asian greens. It’s a great place to buy things you can’t find in supermarkets. If you buy something, don’t forget to hassle, it’s always expected.
  Regent Park in AutumnGo to a festival The Autumn months are extremely popular for festivals. No matter what you are interested in, you can probably find one.
  • London Design Festival: a massive festival that takes place all over London, it usually takes place around mid-September. It covers all areas of design, from the everyday to the artistic.
  • VegFest London: London’s largest vegan festival. Last year more than half the visitors were not vegan. You can find food, clothes, toiletries, workshops and even a section dedicated to children. Usually takes place towards the end of October.
  • Totally Thames: a month-long celebration of the Thames. It happens in places all around the Thames and includes a variety of activities, shows, river races and lots more. Some activities are family friendly, but not all.
  • London Literature Festival: takes place in October at the Southbank Centre. If you like books, this is the place to be. Usually world-famous authors visit and take part in talks.
  • Tequila and Mezcal Fest: a festival celebrating tequila and mezcal! Takes place at the beginning of October in Bricklane. Includes free tastings, masterclasses and a large number of exhibitors.
  Go to the theatre Sometimes it gets chilly in the evening and the theatre can be the best place to go.
  • West End: the most popular plays can be found here, but it’s also the most expensive area for theaters.
  • Barbican Centre: not as famous and a lot cheaper, but just as interesting. Well worth a visit by art-lovers.
  • National Theatre: most people walk past it while strolling down the Southbank but forget it is a working theatre. Prices are affordable and you can usually buy them at the door.
  Go to a weird restaurant London has some of the quirkiest restaurants and cafes around. With all the products from the harvest, this is a great time to visit them. There are so many that it would be impossible to write about all of them. Two that stand out are:
  • Conflict Cafe: a pop-up charity under Waterloo station. Tasting menu with food from areas of the world in conflict, part of the Talking Peace Festival. Enjoy great food and support a good cause.
  • ABQ: where drinks and chemistry class come together. You make your own cocktails using molecular gastronomy, and the prices are not too expensive.
  We can only list a few things to do during autumn. Which are some of your favourites that we didn’t write about?  
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