The British royal family

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British Royal family
There are probably 3 true British icons: tea, Sunday roast and the royal family.

Who is part of the British royal family?

You might be surprised to know that there isn’t really a definition of the Royal family. Some people consider it the Monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II) and their direct family members: parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren if born. Others expand the list as far as distant cousins and their descendants. Most people consider the royal family to include only the members who are referred to as His/Her Royal Highness and His/Her Majesty and those who were referred that way before the current monarch started ruling. This is the list currently used by the official Royal family website.  

Her Majesty

The current monarch is Queen Elizabeth II. She became queen in February 1952, and was crowned in June 1953. She is the longest reigning monarch in the history of the UK. She is also the longest lived one. Even though Queen Elizabeth is currently 91 years old, she still maintains a busy schedule and she has made clear she does not intend to abdicate but will transfer some engagements to his son Prince Charles. The Queen has always been popular with people from all over the world, and she has a 90% approval rate in the UK. Not much is known about her feelings and opinions, but she has always shown herself as a person of faith and with strong working ethics, even going as far as serving in the territorial army during WWII. Two of the only things the Queen has publicly shown interest in are corgis and horse riding and racing. The is no official way to greet the Queen, though tradition marks men bow their heads and women perform a small curtsy. However, shaking her hand is just as appropriate.  

His and Her Royal Highness.

There are many family members of the Queen who have the title His/Her Royal Highness:
  • The Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip): husband
    • The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles): son.
    • The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla): daughter-in-law (married to the Prince of Wales)
      • The Duke of Cambridge (Prince William): grandson
      • The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton): granddaughter-in-law
        • Prince George of Cambridge: great-grandson
        • Princess Charlotte of Cambridge: great-granddaughter
      • Prince Henry of Wales (Prince Harry): grandson
    • The Duke of York (Prince Andrew): son
      • Princess Beatrice of York: granddaughter
      • Princess Eugenie of York: granddaughter
    • The Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward): son
    • The Countess of Wessex (Sophie): daughter-in-law
    • The Princess Royal (Princess Anne): daughter
  • The Duke of Gloucester (Prince Richard): cousin
  • The Duchess of Gloucester (Birgitte): cousin-in-law
  • The Duke of Kent (Prince Edward): cousin
  • The Duchess of Kent (Katharine): cousin-in-law
  • Prince Michael of Kent: cousin
  • Princess Michael of Kent (Baroness Marie Christine von Reibnitz): cousin-in-law
  • Princess Alexandra, The Honourable Lady Ogilvy: cousin
The current order of succession to the throne is: Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Harry. To know more about is always better to learn English language with Way Language school.