Visiting Houses of Parliament

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Houses of Parliament
This past Saturday some of our Students visited Houses of Parliament. The trip was a success, everyone had fun and we all learnt a lot from our special tour guide: Tamlin. He is one of our teachers who is now teaching Book 2 and Book 7 and kindly offered to guide us through Houses of Parliament. If you couldn’t join us last week, you can still visit. Anyone can go and you don’t need to book, but keep in mind that prices are more expensive at the door.  

Kinds of tours you can do.

The cheapest and most popular is an audio tour that you can listen in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Welsh. But try to choose the English one! If you prefer a tour guide (though we can’t promise they’ll be as good as Tamlin!) you can also do one. And those can be booked in advanced in 25 different languages. You can also have afternoon tea at the Houses of Parliament. But you have to pay and book for that separately from your tour. Children can go on all of these but they are better for adults. If you have children, you can take them to the family guided tours. These are a bit shorter and also a bit more fun than the adult ones. And, as a plus kids under 15 go for free! If you are visiting with someone with a disability, the tours are also accessible. But it’s better to call in advanced to make sure accommodations can be made beforehand.  

Some photos of our visit.

We took so many photos that we would need a massive post, so we are just posting a few here. If you want to see more you can check our Instagram or Facebook accounts (and don’t forget to follow us there too!).   Have you visited Houses of Parliament before? What was your favourite part? Let us know in the comments below.