What is a pub quiz?

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If you walk around the UK a bit you will notice that most pubs have signs for a pub quiz or quiz night. If you’re new to the country you might be very confused by this. But don’t worry. we’re here to explain all about the pub quiz.

So, what is a pub quiz?

Like the name suggests it’s a quiz that takes place in a pub. Some quiz can be themed (music, sports, the 80’s and current events are common topics) or they can be random. Some quiz can be very long and last for several hours, but usually, they last about 2 hours. Pub quiz started as a way to get customers on quiet nights. It worked so well, that now quiz nights are some of the busiest days for pubs, only behind days with big sports events.

How does quiz work?

The first thing you need is a team. You can go with a group of friends or you can team up with people sitting close to you. Even if you go alone and don’t know anyone you will find a team. The most important part of a quiz is choosing the right team name: it should be funny, smart and if it makes fun of someone or something better. You may have to pay a small amount of money to play, never more than £5. The money is used to pay for the prize, which can be money, vouchers or a bar tab. There is one person called the quizmaster who asks all the questions, checks the score and announces the winners. Sometimes questions are read aloud, some other times the teams get them written down. Sometimes, the people playing will mark their own answers and the quizmaster only checks to make sure they didn’t make a mistake. Cheating is not allowed. You should answer the questions with your own knowledge, quickly Googling an answer on your phone can get you disqualified (and it’s just not fun).

How to find one

Finding a pub quiz couldn’t be easier. Just head to your local pub and ask when their quiz night is. Most pubs will advertise it on a sign outside. If that pub doesn’t have a quiz night, just ask the second closest pub.

But my English is not good/I don’t know about the UK/I have no friends here….

A pub quiz is a fun way to meet people and make friends. If you don’t have a team, the staff will find you one and you’ll talk to them while you play and probably leave with a few new Facebook friends. A lot of people are regulars, so you can meet them every week. If your English is not great or you have no idea who stars in Eastenders (or what Eastenders is) you can still play. You don’t need to be Shakespeare or have a Masters degree in British culture, the only thing you need is to want to have fun.   Have you ever been to a pub quiz? Tell us about your experience in the comments.