What people say about the Callan Method (part 1)

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If you search for Callan or Callan Method on Google, a lot of criticism comes up. So we are writing two posts to explain why we think those criticisms and bad comments about Callan are not true. If you talk to students, they love the method and recommend it to others. Most of our students find Way Language Course through friends!  

So, why do so many teachers and schools say bad things about Callan?

Most bad reviews are written by teachers who have never used the method. It’s impossible to really understand something if you don’t have any experience with it. Some others, are by teachers who worked with Callan 10 or 20 years ago. The method, of course, has changed and has been updated many times since then. Everyday we learn more about language learning, and the Callan Method Organisation works hard to keep the method as up-to-date and as effective as possible, and to improve it to make it even better. The latest edition is less than 4 years old. And other criticisms are from teachers who work in non-accredited schools. The only schools that have full access to training, support and resources are accredited schools. Way Language Course is accredited by the Callan Method organisation, and thanks to that we teach the Callan Method the correct way. We only employ qualified teachers with specific Callan training. And this is what sets us apart.

So, let’s see some common problems people find with the Callan Method:


1) You can’t pass an exam if you only study with the Callan Method

With Callan you will learn all the English you need for an exam. However, all exams have a special structure and it’s always better to learn tips and tricks and do a few practice tests before sitting for an exam. You don’t need to do this, but it usually helps. This way instead of worrying about what’s going on with the test and wasting time reading instructions, you can focus on your English. If you study with us we can give you all the information you need about exams. We will even provide free resources for you to practice. Many of our students have done international language exams that they needed for university, college or work and received fantastic grades!  

2) You don’t learn grammar with the Callan Method

The Callan Method is based on 3 things: fluency, correct pronunciation and correct grammar. Many people think that because repetition is so important for the method, we forget about grammar. That is completely wrong. Grammar is extremely important when learning a language. What makes Callan different is that you won’t spend hours and hours doing fill-in-the-gaps and multiple choice activities or reading from boring grammar books. With Callan you get a short and clear explanation and then put it to use.  

3) You only learn grammar with Callan

It’s funny to see this criticism and the one before. How can both be true when they are complete opposites? Well, they aren’t. And they show how little people know about the Callan Method. Grammar is important, but it’s not everything. To learn a language you need to learn all the ‘whats‘  that make a language: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. And you also need all the ‘hows‘: speaking, listening, reading and writing. The Callan Method is famous for teaching speaking and listening while general English classes don’t usually work a lot on them. That doesn’t mean we forget about the other things, our lessons are complete and teach all aspects of English.   We don’t want to make this post too long, so next week we’ll talk about 5 other myths about the Callan Method. If the Callan Method sounds interesting, you can get in touch with us and start learning immediately.