Your Basic Guide to the Callan Method

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Your Basic Guide to the Callan Method
Multiple methods are used to teach individuals new language skills. In the 1960s, Robin Callan, a former English language teacher, developed a special language learning technique. He developed the method while working in Italy propelled by the boring methods teachers used to teach languages to students. He felt that the methods were ineffective and introduced the Callan Method. This method has used by various instructors in 40 different countries and has a high rate of success. What’s the method, and how can it assist you in speaking a new language with confidence? Keep on reading, below. What Is the Callan Method and How It Works The Callan Method is unique and serves an important function by teaching language effectively. Individuals do not have to sit quietly, just reading or working on grammar exercises out of a book. The student can’t just sit and stare out the window or twiddle their thumbs, either, because this particular technique forces them to stay alert and on their feet. As they continue learning, they dig deeper into a new language in a fast learning environment.   The method is direct and follows a question-answer format. Educators ask students questions, model the answers, and make students repeat their words, simultaneously making use of hand gestures and facial expressions to make the meaning clearer. The question-answer format makes learning fast-paced and allows them to listen to and speak the language with mistakes being corrected instantly. Classes are divided into revision and new work, respectively. During each class, individuals get the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and grammar explained using language they’re already accustomed to. Making use of repetition is vital to being able to learn with the Callan Method. Don’t worry if you don’t get it the first time; there will be many chances for you to practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!   The Callan Method is an effective, lively, and enjoyable way to learn a new language. The best part of this learning method is that there’s no assigned homework. Learning English consists of 12 levels and caters to a multitude of learners from the beginner to advanced levels. The 6-stage method for Spanish teaches students from the beginner level to an intermediate level.   If you’re looking for a Callan Method School in London, explore what Way Language Course has to offer!