Is Learning English Grammar Online Worth It?

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The dawn of the 21st century has brought a technological boom, that is now embedded in our very lives. This is one of the major reasons why individuals seek to self-improve, an opportunity they have at their fingertips online. Due to smartphones, laptops, wi-fi hotspots, and the internet itself, individuals can learn anything new easily. […]

Your Basic Guide to the Callan Method

Your Basic Guide to the Callan Method

Multiple methods are used to teach individuals new language skills. In the 1960s, Robin Callan, a former English language teacher, developed a special language learning technique. He developed the method while working in Italy propelled by the boring methods teachers used to teach languages to students. He felt that the methods were ineffective and introduced […]

English words of German origin

German and British language

English is a Germanic language, which means it is in the same family as German. Because of this many words are very similar or the same in both languages. This article is not about those, it is about words that came to modern English from modern German. We also have other posts about words from […]

The other British languages

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Most people think of the UK and English comes to mind. However, there are several other languages spoken here including local languages, sign languages and immigrant languages. Let’s take a look at all the other languages of the UK.   Germanic languages Germanic languages are the most popular in the UK, they arrived in the […]