Moving around London (part 4): the tram

Moving around London the tram

The 4th post in our Moving around London series, this time all about the tram. You can also read the previous articles about the tube, the train and the bus.   First some interesting trivia   Trams started in London in 1860 and they were used all over. At first they were drawn by horses, and slowly they began being replaced […]

The London boroughs

The London boroughs

The way London is organised can be a bit complicated for people who didn’t grow up in the city. Sometimes, it’s even complicated for those who did! This is a very short summary of the main ideas behind the London Plan: the government document that defines how London is organised.   The boroughs London is divided […]

Moving around London (part 3): the bus

This week we are looking at what is probably the most popular way to move around London: the bus. If you haven’t seen them, we also have articles about the tube and the train.   First some interesting trivia London buses are one of the largest bus networks in the world. Every year 1.8 billion passengers travel […]

Moving around London (part 1): the tube

If you live or visit London you can’t get away from TFL: Transport for London. Most people complain about it, but the truth is moving around London can be very easy, if you know how! A lot of our students ask us about paying, how the Oyster works and what time transport works, if children […]